A lot of people wonder what exactly a plant-based diet is. To put it simply, if you base your diet on plants and veggies, then you would follow it. Technically, one is allowed to put products derived from animals in their plant-based diet. Anyhow, it is worth noting that by ‘plant-based’, we are primarily referring to a vegan diet.

So, you may think of our website as a resource for the vegan community. But we would not want to classify ourselves or to be classified. We know that non-vegetarians would also want to know about vegan stuff.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which diet to follow, but plant-based diet has several benefits. Many of our blog posts highlight its perks. Anyhow, we are not saying that all vegan food items are good for your health. One of our posts also talk about this health-related matter.

We are mainly concerned with educating you on diet matters instead of promoting any specific product. Many things that you think you know may be part of misinformation. When it comes to diet, it is easy for misinformation to spread quickly. This is why we are also busting some myths while highlighting the advantages and factual information related to a vegan diet.