Which Are The Nutrients That Vegans Must Think About Having?

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Plant-Based Milk

Some individuals easily change to a fully plant-based diet gradually instead of making the switch overnight. Anyhow, if you choose to make the transition, you would have to focus more on some nutrients to confirm that you are following a balanced diet. Certain animal derivatives are sources of numerous dietary nutrients. This means you must make up for the nutrients with alternative, vegan-friendly food options when making the switch. For a balanced plant-based food eating pattern, here are the most important nutrients to consider having.

Vitamin B12

This form of vitamin creates red cells, as well as helps to keep the human nervous system in a good condition and to release energy out of food. Therefore, you must have the vitamin. Much of it is in a natural form in only those food items that are made from animal parts. Therefore, vegans have to take about 3 portions of fortified food items containing vitamin B12, like vegan breakfast cereals and plant-based milk.

It is a component of nutritional yeast powder, as well as yeast extracts like Marmite. That said, you should only use the two above-mentioned food items sparingly due to the amount of salt in them. Consuming a vitamin B12 supplement as an alternative to the said products may not be a bad idea.

Vitamin D

This form of vitamin can help you to keep the right quantities of phosphate and calcium in the body. We get most of this vitamin through exposure to sunlight. So, it is also important to consider the climate in your area for an idea about how much vitamin D to get. In the autumn or winter, it would be a good idea to consume a vitamin D supplement. When taking the above step, confirm that your supplement is vegan-friendly. The supplement may have vegan ingredients, but it should not be tested on any animal to be right for vegans.


It is a must to have the nutrient to have strong bones and teeth, as well as for proper heartbeat to occur.

Fortified goods such as vegan breakfast cereals and dairy items are a few of the potentially useful calcium sources. The other options include leafy green vegetables like okra, cabbage, broccoli, sesame seeds, tahini, lentils, beans, dried fruit, and bread.

Another one of those food items rich in calcium is spinach, but health experts do not recommend having it for enough quantities of the nutrient. Why? Because it has large amounts of both calcium and oxalate, so your body cannot absorb a lot of the former nutrient. For your information, oxalate is a nutrient that can keep the human body from taking in minerals to it.


Dairy products, seafood, and fish are the main iodine sources for a vast majority of individuals in the world. Therefore, as a vegan, you may have to rely on supplements to make sure of having enough iodine in the body. An excessive amount of iodine or too little iodine is not good for health. Therefore, talk to a dietician to know whether the supplementation is required and if required, how much of it may be needed.


The nutrient is essential for the creation of red cells. The right iron sources for vegans include green, leafy veggies, pulses, dried fruit, nuts, breakfast cereals and wholemeal bread fortified with the nutrient.


This mineral helps the human body in growing and repairing itself, as well as keeping the immune system healthy. Seafood and meat may be among the main zinc sources, but vegans can get it from tofu, bread, wheat germ, and pulses like lentils and beans. An excessive quantity of it is potentially harmful, so talk to a qualified health professional to understand how much may be safe for you.

Omega-3 Oils

These fatty acids are associated with a healthy human heart. We do not know for certain whether vegan omega-3 sources are as beneficial as oily fish in lessening the possibility of cardiovascular disease. Anyhow, it is worth noting that vegan foods high in fatty acids include flaxseed, rapeseed oil, soya food items like tofu, and walnuts.


Consuming many different food items containing protein will aid you in getting amino acids in the amounts and the variety you require. Some of those products are grains, seeds, lentils, and beans. You would not have to bother about consuming these food items in specific blends provided that you add an array of them to your diet.


This nutrient can aid the human immune system in working properly, as well as preventing cell and tissue damage. It is primarily in fish, seafood, and the flesh of animals. Anyhow, vegan selenium sources like tofu and Brazil nuts available in the market.