Things To Know When Including Nuts In Your Vegan Diet

Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Snacks
Plant-Based Snacks

Nuts are a great addition to vegan diets, as they are healthy and tasty. There is a wide variety of nuts that you can add to your everyday meal plans. They create a wonderful option for people who are looking for plant-based snacks.

Nuts are high in carbs and calories, which can lead to problems like overweight when consumed in high amounts. Therefore, you should be careful when adding them to your vegan food plan. Hence, we provide some of the important information you should know before adding nuts to your vegan diet.

Nutritional Benefits

Nuts are a great source of an impressive range of nutrients. They can provide you high levels of B vitamins, vitamin E, antioxidants, and many essential minerals.

Some nuts like walnuts can provide omega-3 fatty acids that are crucial for the proper working of your body. Additionally, the presence of various antioxidants including polyphenolic flavonoids in nuts can help to prevent various health conditions like Alzheimer’s, heart diseases, etc. They are even found to be beneficial for promoting mental health. Therefore, including nuts in your vegan foods can provide you an enormous number of benefits.

The Problem Associated With Nuts

Nuts contain phytic acid and various other “anti-nutrients.” Such compounds will prevent the absorption of nutrients present in these plant-based foods thereby reducing the bioavailability.

But soaking and roasting nuts can help to reduce the amounts of anti-nutrients thereby helping your body to absorb minerals easily.

Raw Or Cooked Nuts: Which Is Better?

The polyunsaturated fats present in nuts are very unstable and they will oxidize quickly when coming into contact with heat. The consumption of high amounts of oxidized polyunsaturated fats might lead to toxic reactions with proteins and sugars in your body. This can lead to inflammation and other health issues. Therefore, it is better to eat nuts raw or soaked whenever it is possible.

Portion Control

As mentioned above, nuts are high in carbs and calories. Hence, the overconsumption of these foods can increase your body weight and can lead to different problems associated with obesity. So make sure not to have more than a handful of nuts per day.

Various Nuts To Include In Your Diet

You can have a wide variety of options when it comes to nuts. Some of them include walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, macadamia nuts, chestnuts, Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, etc.

Try to include different varieties of nuts in your vegan foods to get a wide range of benefits provided by them, as each nut varies in their properties and the nutrients they contain.