Top Five Celebrities Who Stopped Following Vegan Diets

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Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal

We know that every form of vegan diet excludes dairy products, meat, fish, eggs, and other animal derivatives. Several celebrities have fully plant-based food items, but vegan diets are not suitable for one and all. Here is a list of five celebs who started following vegan diets only to switch back to other diets later.

Liam Hemsworth

The brother of the Thor character star, Liam Hemsworth was on an entirely plant-based diet for 4 years, up to early 2019. In February last year, Hemsworth reconsidered his diet after his kidney stone surgery. An excessive amount of oxalate was the reason for Hemsworth’s kidney stone. Oxalate is a component of many plant-based food items, so he had to reconsider the diet.

Anne Hathaway

This actress seemingly went almost largely vegan back in 2011, as part of her attempt to reduce weight for a role in the threequel to Christopher Nolan’s Batman series. Interestingly, she continued to be on the diet for some years until the shoot of another Nolan film, Interstellar. The filming of Interstellar happened in Iceland, and Hathaway had to spend most of the time in a bulky spacesuit. These two factors took a toll on her physical health. Then, she started consuming fish and other non-vegan food items to feel better.

Ellen DeGeneres

This television personality followed a fully plant-based diet for energy and due to ethical reasons. However, she stopped following it for no particular reason. In the Netflix special titled ‘Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable’, she described veganism as ‘great’. Judging by this comment, DeGeneres’ decision to no longer eat completely plant-based meal appears impulsive.

Natalie Portman

The ‘Black Swan’ star has been an advocate of veganism lifestyle for numerous years now. In 2018, she even started a vegan footwear business, which is not in operation now. She is still a vegan, but there was a brief period of pregnancy when she was not one. Portman said that she changed the diet due to a physical need to have dairy items and eggs.

Juaquin James Malphurs

In a PETA-sponsored interview from 2014, this rapper stated that he chose to have vegan foods to reduce body weight. Malphurs gained much weight in the past, so he did not feel healthy back then and stopped consuming vegan products. You may find his reasoning for this decision startling. “I think the public scared me from being vegan,” he told ‘Paper’ magazine in 2018.